Esmée Verschoor
District nurse

Working in the community 

A question that's asked a lot is: 'Why are you working as a district nurse and why are you helping all the elderly people?'. I can't explain this in one sentence. There are a lot of different aspects that made fall in love with the job. It's the complexity, diversity, the dynamics and the beautiful but sometimes even heartbreaking stories of the elderly people. It's the life experience of them, wishes they can describe so beautiful. The determination, the power and the will to go on, but also the mysterious part of death. It's turning a sad face into a smiling face, the appreciation, crying together, sharing feelings together and laugh together. All these specific parts of the job makes it the perfect job for me. Not one day is the same as the previous day. I fell in love with it. I fell in love with the passion of my colleagues and the kindness of my patients. I fell in love with all the moments I experience as a nurse and I'm glad to say I'm able to share these beautiful moments with you.

As a caregiver in your district you are driving from patient to patient. Some caregivers choose to go by car, some prefer a bicycle. Honestly I'm just lazy and go by car.. So bad! But what I experience during my rides, unbelievable! Here's a tiny video of the things I experience during my work in the morning in my 'car life' ...

Last months have been pretty busy. I'm glad I can show you a 'throwback' on the things that were on my mind last months. Of course a throwback with loads of sunshine and warm weather!

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