About me

Esmée Verschoor

District nurse 

Do you have any spare-time in your week? That's a question people ask me frequently. My life basically exists out of studying, working and training. A combination that makes me a happy and blessed person. It gives me the idea I'm making the best out of everything.  

My name is Esmée Verschoor, 23 years old, born in the beautiful 'Zeeland' in a village called Breskens. A couple of months ago I moved to Breda, a city that's pretty huge in comparison with my old village. Since I was a little girl my dream was to work in the healthcare industry. As a kid I was walking around with my suitcase filled with a stethoscope, needles, band aids and a lot more. I used to inject a needle in the butt of my teddy bear. A vet! That's what I wanted to be! In my teens that changed to becoming a pharmacy assistent. Later on that view changed to becoming a physiotherapist. 

In my teens I got very very sick while I was in my graduating year. I had to skip school and didn't graduate. The only question me and my family had was: 'Am I going to become healthy again?'. My body was in a critical condition. Eventually I got healthy again and got to the conclusion I found the perfect job for me: Nurse. With a lot of love, dedication and passion I graduated from the bachelor education to become a Nurse. The passion and motivation to change the way healthcare is organized at the moment is indescribable. 

Besides working my ass off at work, working my ass off in the gym is one of my daily activities. The gym is my sanctuary. Peace of mind, that's what I can create in the gym, and of course a healthy body. Honestly, walkings at the beach is also one of the things I love. Enjoying life, that's what we should do more often. This website gives you a little inside view in my daily life as a nurse. Blogs and blogs appear here. You want more? Find me on social media and experience what my life looks like. 

Feedback, questions and comments are more than welcome. You can send me a message by clicking on 'Contact'. You can also send me a message at my social media channels, mail me or call me. Whatever you prefer! 


Love Esmée

Esmée Verschoor, +31623471759, esmee.v@zeelandnet.nl